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Hospice Caregiver Practitioner – $555.00

Hospice Caregiver Practitioner

Hospice Caregiver Practitioner


The Hospice Caregiver Practitioner Program consists of the Hospice Volunteer and Palliative Caregiver Training Certification (CHVP) Program which is web-based and one elective of your choice from the course list.

The Hospice Volunteer and Palliative Caregiver Training Certification (CHVP) is a

Web-based, Online, 24/7, Media-Rich, Experiential, eLearning Platform

Like live training, only better!

Have you felt drawn to “BE” with people who are facing the end of life? Or are you comfortable around those who are sick or dying, or wish there were training to make you even more comfortable.

No, it’s not strange—not even close. You have a gift, and we hope you share it…

Talk to anyone who has endeavored here. They will tell you that you get back much more than you give. The ability to truly BE with the dying is a gift that is magical to both the giver and the receiver.

You will see… when you tell people that you are drawn to spending time with people who are sick or dying, you are typically met with one of two responses;

  1. A look that conveys “Why would you want to do that??”
  2. [Less frequent] they think it’s awesome, and maybe they even get little excited because they’ve met a kindred spirit and confess, “I’ve wanted to do that, or I feel weird that I am drawn to that work, I just didn’t know how to get involved”.

How YOU get to make a difference

The end-of-life and hospice philosophy and movement in the United States has been around since the 1970’s but we, who are doing this work, know that there are still many misunderstandings and stigmas associated dying and “hospice”. If you ask ten people about hospice or death and dying, you can get 10 different grim reaper stories. Even doctors and nurses, who should be knowledgeable, are often uneducated, unaware, unable, or unwilling to share information about end-of-life care, or the value of palliative and hospice care.

If there is such a thing as a “good death” or “dying well”, and we believe there is—it isn’t going to be an institutionalized event. It will be a personalized one, and one in which the supporters and caregivers are educated and informed. By taking this training, you will surpass most clinical caregivers in terms of their ability to offer better communication, comfort, dignity, compassion, and advocacy at the end of life.

If there is any time in our lives where understanding these principals is most important—it is when our loved ones or important people in our lives are sick or facing the end of life. Your involvement can change a life even as it is ending. That is no small thing… and that is how YOU get to make a difference.

The Training

There are no prior credentials or requirements needed other than a sincere interest in the topic of end-of life care.

Although many hospices provide their own training, it is often not available online, or at a time that is convenient. Not all hospice training offers the number of hours or the true experiential availability as we do in this program. Our training is unique and unparalleled in the industry.

Teaching Transitions offers convenient, exciting, video-based online training for those interested in becoming more educated to better serve loved ones and important people in their lives. You also may use this training to seek work in the end of life industry, to work with seniors, or to become a hospice volunteer.

This is an immersive training experience where the participant gains an experiential and authentic understanding of death and dying, and how to best care for patients/clients and loved ones. The training is delivered in your personal learning space with plenty of time to reflect and complete relevant and inspiring exercises.

Upon successful completion of the training, you are granted the “CHVP” designation.  (Certified Hospice Volunteer and Palliative Caregiver).  You are free to use these credentials on personal or professional business cards.  You are also able to print out a certificate suitable for framing, which denotes your achievement.

In addition to the CHVP designation, you will also earn your Holistic Health Practitioner Certificate which will allow you to apply for Board Certification as a  Holistic Health Practitioner with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.