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Donations for Scholarships

We would like to develop a scholarship fund. Your contribution to the fund will enable a qualifying candidate to apply to any program of their choice.  Donations are welcome in order to offer this fund to those who would like to study but are not financially capable or do not qualify for the work study.

Any individual, group or business entity can create and fund a scholarship. With proper planning, the process of developing a scholarship that fully meets your intent is fairly simple and will ensure the Scholarship Program complies with all federal and state tax laws.

To help endure that there are students who qualify for your scholarship, we recommend that you establish general criteria such as the following.

Award Criteria

o Financial need
o Community involvement and service
o Leadership (school, community or spiritual center)
o Personal attributes (a chronic illness, job loss, single parent etc. )
o Other eligibility restrictions (General reasons you decide upon)

You also might require any one or a combination of the following:
o Letter(s) of reference (pastor, employer, etc.)
o Student essay
o Letter of recommendation from the CEO/Headmaster, Principal or a teacher

We feel everyone should have a right to go to school and learn whatever their income level is. Some students take our courses because of a chronic illness they feel strongly they can overcome by learning holistic methods and many have been helped greatly because of their will to be independent. Others may have lost their jobs in a sluggish economy and need to create a new life for themselves.

You may be the fortunate one who has the ability to help those in need. Consider a tax deductible donation today.

Please contact us for more information on this program.