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Weight Management and Weight Loss – $130.00

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Weight Management and Weight Loss

Weight Management and Weight Loss

The perfect weight management diet will mean many different things to people depending on their food preferences, constitutions, and beliefs about food.  This course teaches you to remain open minded and recognize that all individuals are unique in their history, physical constitution and lifestyle. You will become educated on the diversity of diets available to formulate healthy plans that are congruent with a broad range of preferences. 

In this course we will consider overall healthy choices to support good health, but also review dietary recommendations for carnivores, omnivores, raw food and vegan diets and the well documented “calorie restriction” diet for longevity.   

Weight management is the long-term goal in this course.  The initial portion of this course discusses this area in detail, including foods, herbs, and dietary approaches for this goal, underlying factors that contribute to obesity, weight loss supplements, dietary guidelines for weight loss, and recognizing eating disorders. The final portion of this course discusses variations in the diet which can facilitate weight gain and weight loss and the pros and cons of popular diets. 

This course includes a study guide containing the list of assignments, instructions for completing the course, information on how to cultivate effective study habits, recommendations for overcoming procrastination, and how to think like a genius. Lesson material, Dietary Guidelines for Ideal Health presentation, and Understanding Food Intolerances, Imbalances & Addictions presentation, carbohydrate quiz, and a food journal are also included.  Information on purchasing one textbook for the course will be sent upon ordering.   A certificate with our gold embossed seal will be awarded from the school when the student obtains a grade of 80% or higher in the course.