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If you have an interest in healing others and discovering a deeper understanding of the human energy field while working with your spiritual guides and angels, this is the program you have been waiting for.

The student will learn the theory of the subtle bodies;  the auric field,  the chakras, and working with pranic energy. You”ll learn how to sense energy, increase your energy, and direct it to the proper channel in order to heal. You”ll discover how to see auras and sense them. This will aid you in diagnosing dysfunctions in the energy field, and healing them before the problem manifest as disease.  Study The alpha/Theta state, Pranic healing, and Absentee healing. You’ll learn ways to work with the Angelic Healing team, the energy of the Saints, and your Spirit Guides. You will learn powerful healing prayers that have been proven successful for centuries. Learn to work with crystals to amplify the healing energies of your sessions.

When finished, the student will be well skilled in healing others by laying on of hands, healing at a distance, and using crystals as a therapeutic aid  in their very own healing room. Many students who have taken the Spiritual Healing Program have experienced a healing themselves.

The Spiritual Healing Practitioner Program consists of the following courses:

Spiritual Healing 

Crystal Healing

Prayer Therapy

Angel Healing

One Elective*

On completion of the program the student will be awarded two certificates that state they have completed the Holistic Health Practitioner program in addition to the Spiritual Healing program.*Individual certificates are also awarded for each course taken.

For a complete understanding of what the Spiritual Healing Program consists of, please see the individual course descriptions found on the course description page.


“I took the Spiritual Healing Practitioner Program a few years ago with you. I took my time with, incorporating all the techniques into my healings and I just have to say I am so happy with  everything I learned.  My patients love me more than they ever did- I am a nurse- and I gained so much more skill in being able to sense where in their energy field needs the most work. I love the program, love putting what I learned to good use and really love your school!! I want to thank you for offering such a wonderful program to all and for being as sweet as you are. May you always be blessed,”

Kathy Demarko

“Wonderful program! I’m not finished yet but so far I have learned so much. I have my healing space set up now and am using my crystals. From doing some of the exercises I have started to have contact with the angels. I used to be able to hear them when I was a child, and lost it, but now it is coming back and I love working with them and doing healing, I am on my way to be a light worker thanks to your school!!  Lots of Love and light!”

Dee L.