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In the Spiritual Counseling program, the student will learn traditional counseling techniques, such as cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, and psychoanalysis as well as spiritual counseling techniques. When finished your studies you will have numerous counseling techniques you can use to assist others. You will learn effective communication skills,  and record keeping. You will learn to identify the psychological issues which are stored in each chakra and be given specific techniques to clear them.

Many case examples will be given so the student can identify the personality traits of the individual with specific energy imbalances and learn why people behave the way they do.

Many healing techniques are given; traditional methods as well as spiritual methods, so the student can apply what they have learned to real life situations. Some of the spiritual techniques covered in this course use gentle energy work, specific breathing exercises, affirmations specific for each chakra, color meditations, and chakra massage.

A Spiritual Counselor assists clients in a similar way to the traditional counselor however, there is a spiritual aspect added to the counseling session that may not be there in traditional counseling sessions. The aim is work with the whole person; body, mind and spirit so they learn the skills to reach their full potential.

Spiritual Counselors understand there is an energy field surrounding all of us and our energy field, or auric field reflects our thoughts, emotions and feelings. If we think in a faulty matter, or fail to process our emotions, this will effect our auric field and chakras in a negative way, eventually leading to illness.

Spiritual Counselors become skilled in identifying which chakra has an imbalance by examining the persons personality traits and takes steps to heal it.

Courses in the Spiritual Counseling Program include:

Spiritual Counseling

Spirituality 101 

A Course in Miracles

Prayer Therapy

One Elective

The student may substitute one course in addition to their elective so they can design their own program of study. On completion of the program the student will be awarded two certificates that state they have completed the Holistic Health Practitioner program in addition to the Spiritual Counseling program.*Individual certificates are also awarded for each course taken.

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Who takes this program?

Some of our students who have taken this program choose to work specifically with traditional methods of counseling; communicating with the client and guiding them through a difficult time.

Some students were already licensed therapists and wanted to add a spiritual aspect to their sessions.

Others enjoy energy healing to help the person in need, and yet others have taken the program because they do psychic readings and wanted more skills in communicating with others.

 I just started the program and so far I just love it! Already I am able to apply some of the techniques to my job as a social worker. I always wanted to guide people towards a holistic way of living and the courses help me do just that. The assistance is fantastic too! Thank you for this wonderful program. Kelly Clark (LMSW)