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Relaxation and Physical Fitness

Relaxation and Physical Fitness

Rest, relaxation and sleep are the most necessary rhythms of the human body. This course explores reasons why it is impossible to lose weight while under stress and prepares you to become an expert in mind-body techniques that can be used to promote the psychosomatic connection and enhance relaxation.

The subsequent portion of this course shows you how to become skilled in designing physical fitness programs. It includes warm-up and cool-down routines for people of all levels, both advanced and beginner levels. Activities for toning, calming, flexibility and balance that can be practiced by people of all ages, along with physical fitness activities for beginners.

This course covers a diverse combination of weekly fitness routines that can you can combine to form the prefect physical fitness program for you and your clients. Including strength and endurance activities, weight training, boot camp exercises, swimming tips and a wide variety of recreational activities so you have the right training information to keep motivation and interest levels peaked.

The study guide contains the list of assignments, exam, instructions for completing the course, information on how to cultivate effective study habits, recommendations for overcoming procrastination, and how to think like a genius. A special Stress Management presentation, a relaxation and exercise journal, case study and lesson material are also included. 

Information on purchasing one textbook for the course will be sent with your order invoice. A certificate with our gold embossed seal will be awarded from the school when the student obtains a grade of 80% or higher in the course.