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The Psychic Medium Program includes one of the most comprehensive training systems available on mediumship and third eye activation.

Courses in the Psychic Medium Program are:

Psychic Medium

Intuitive Counselor

Spirit Releasement Therapy 

Psychic Protection 

One Elective 


This Psychic Medium Program includes the history of spiritualism, exercises to open Your Psychic Awareness, Clairvoyance & Clairsentient Exercise, Crystals and Crystal Ball Reading *Guided Meditations on CD, Sacred Spaces, Pranic Breathing, Clearing, Centering and Meditation Techniques.

Working with your Chakras, Auras and Energy Fields  to “wake up” and open your psychic energy centers. Learn Real Life Techniques on How to Clear your Aura and techniques on how to Sense and Read the Auras and Energy Fields of yourself and others.  Includes exercises on developing Clairvoyance and Clairsentience. A CD is included to  Open the Chakras for a clearer psychic connection.

Explore techniques on gazing and learn to use the energy of crystals including the care and programming of crystals and Crystal Ball Reading techniques. A CD is included with a Guided Meditation to assist in psychically connecting with your crystal ball for a successful
crystal ball reading.

Explore Psychic Protection techniques against psychic assaults and psychic attacks as well as exploring techniques that are easy to use and implement in your daily life. This section comes with a power Protection Meditation with Archangel Michael that you can use daily!

 Includes a wealth of information and gives you many tools you can use to keep your chakras healthy and in balance. Examine more about things that affect the chakras and Why Keeping all of your Chakras Clear and in Balance affects your Psychic Awareness and physical health!  Also includes ways to recognize and reverse an unbalanced state. Mudras, Chants and a Guided Meditation that you can learn to use on your own at any time are also included.

Also includes an additional Guided Meditation using Crystal energy to keep your chakras cleared and in balance.

Psychometry and Mediumship Discover your psychic talents and learn techniques to improve your psychic awareness for readings using psychometry as well as mediumship skills. A bonus Guided Meditation t0 Meet your Loved Ones on the Other Side.

Once your energy is clear and you know how to protect yourself you will study spirit releasement techniques.  Spirit Release or spirit rescue covers a wide range of topics such as psychic attack, hauntings, possession, spirit attachment, soul retrieval, exorcism and more. Discover the types of entities that exist, why and how they attach to people, the symptoms of attachment, and how to know if it is an attachment or mental illness. Develop the skills to perform a detachment and send the spirit to the light. If you’ve been feeling tired, on edge, having bad luck or just feeling like you’re not yourself, its time to clear the negative energy up!

On completion of the program, you will have the skills to work with spirits, perform a séance and lead a spirit circle. You’ll have the confidence to rescue spirits and send them to the light, clear a home of spirits and show others how to protect themselves from unwanted entities. You will be a Psychic Medium!

On completion of the program the student will be awarded a certificate that states they have completed the Psychic Medium Program and can then apply to the to receive a certificate that states they are Board Certified as a Holistic Health Practitioner.

*Individual certificates are also awarded for each course taken and will be received once the program is complete.

*You may substitute one course along with your elective if you choose. Upon enrollment please send us an email with your course list.