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Mission Statement

Mission Statement  
Northern Star Academy began with a desire to educate the community at large in alternative healing methods. We recognize and respect allopathic medicine as a contributing factor in healing and wish to complement and expand healing beyond what is traditionally known. Northern Star academy is a place where the art and science of healing the inner soul is taught. Our Mission is:

*To offer students a new way of thinking that mends hearts; souls, body, mind and spirit.


*To present a way of life leading to ultimate fulfillment.


*To train those who have the strong desire to heal others or themselves.


*To offer new healing techniques for the many skilled healers already working diligently at healing the world one day at a time.


*To provide first rate education to those seeking holistic or spiritual programs for life long learning.


*To offer courses at a distance, in the comfort of one’s home, on their schedule.


* To encourage our students to put theory into practice.


* To encourage others to give back to their community by volunteering for a cause.


Vision Statement


Our vision is to bring hope and healing to mankind by sharing alternative and ancient healing methods with those who are willing to open their minds to the potential we all have for positive enlightening change.
 Through distance learning, our courses and programs allow students time to plan their studies around their busy schedules. We believe that education should be delivered to students, rather than students to education. However, we also recognize distance education is not for everyone, and are taking steps to offer our programs in person as well.
We are committed to assisting the individual’s journey to both greater professional competence and personal self-awareness. Join us, and help heal the world!