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Frequently Asked Questions




Are there any entrance requirements to enroll?
  • The student must be 18 years of age or older                                    
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Understand how to read and write in English
  • Have access to a computer and know how to use email.


Can I take classes at the school?
We send our courses to the student, at their home or business. Upon ordering, the student will receive an email with instructions on how to purchase the textbooks for the courses if applicable and the course materials will be mailed within two business days. However, a few courses can be taken in person if the student lives nearby. Check availability for in-person classes on the class schedule page. 
How much are the textbooks?
The price of textbooks with range between $10 and $23. Some courses require two textbooks.
The courses are priced lower to factor in the expense of your textbook purchase. If you prefer to have all course materials, including textbooks sent to your home by the school, please email us before ordering. 
What happens after I order a course and what do the courses consist of?
An email will be sent to you explaining how to purchase your textbooks for the course if applicable. Your course materials will be mailed to you within two business days. You will receive an email from your instructor with an introduction and their contact information.
If you sign up for an online course, you will receive an email explaining how to access your online classroom. Once you enter your class, you can begin your course of study. Each course contains assignments and an exam. Some courses require the student to complete case studies.
All work can be sent in through email and your instructor will review and grade your work. Once all homework is submitted and graded, you will receive a certificate for the course. 
Most courses consist of one or two textbooks which the student purchases when enrolling in the course. A study manual is also included which includes lecture notes, assignments, directions on how to proceed through the course, and your final exam.
Those courses not requiring a textbook will
be mentioned on the course description page under the description of that particular course. If you cannot access the
internet, please email the registrars office for additional options in taking an online class.
We also offer in person classes in Reiki. For more information, please visit the class schedule page.  


Is there a time limit on completing one course or program?

The student is required to complete one course in 12 months
and a program of study consisting of at least 5 courses in two years. We understand life circumstances may take one away from your studies. Extensions are given upon request.
 What is the average time it takes most students to complete a course or program?
The average time for one course is 2 to 4 months, although this will vary depending on work schedules and how much time a student puts aside to study. Some students have completed one course in one months’ time. The average time for a program of study is one year. Some students have finished a program in six months. 


Is there a specific time I should enroll?


Since it is distance learning, the student can enroll at any time.

What if I have a question about the course material?

At the time of enrollment, you will be assigned your own private instructor. You can contact them anytime through email, if you have any questions about your course of study.


Can I transfer other courses taken previously to your school?
Students may request an evaluation of credits by submitting documentation of other classes completed to the admissions office. Up to two classes will be accepted. The courses must be comparable to a course required for the program you are entering.



What can I do with the training I receive and who takes your courses?
Many students share holistic healing methods with their friends, family, and clients. Some may bring their skills to a chiropractic center, holistic healing center, spa, hospital, or ministry.
Many choose to volunteer in their community and use their
new skills to help heal those in need. Some choose to write,
give lectures or workshops, open a new age center or holistic
healing shop. 
Some of our students are nurses,doctors, ministers,
authors and licensed therapists who want to add a holistic
approach to their already thriving practice. Others have the
desire to grow spiritually, are seeking an answer to a health
problem or want to help a family member in need.
Our goal is to provide alternative healing information
and spiritual growth to those who seek it with the hope
they will be a mentor to those in their community who can
benefit from this knowledge. We are not a vocational school
or an employment agency.
Is Northern Star Academy Accredited?
Northern Star Academy is accredited by the American
Association of Drugless Practitioners. This is a private accrediting agency which offers students many benefits. To learn more about them, please visit our accreditation page.
Do you offer financial aid?
Northern Star Academy does not participate in a United States
government tuition assistance programs. Students are encouraged to research other sources of private grants and scholarships such as the fastWEB Scholarship Search
found at

Northern Star Academy does offer work study scholarships  Visit our work study scholarship page for more information. We are in the process of starting a scholarship program and are seeking benefactors for this purpose.  If scholarships become available, we will list them on the site. 


I live in another country, can I still take a course?

Yes, anyone can order our courses and programs no matter where they live. Some courses are available online. The student receives their own password protected website where he or she can do all the work online or print it out and study where ever they choose. There are no shipping fees for online
classes so no wait time to access the material. 
We also offer international shipping for classes not available online. However shipping fees are higher so please contact us for more information.



 Why are the courses so cheap?

We want to be able to offer the courses to everyone, no matter what their circumstances are. Most of the instructors have had some type of challenge or needed help in some way and someone was there for them. We want to make it easy for the student to find help. We can also keep the prices down for the courses by limited phone contact. Phone contact is more time consuming that email contact. The students work with their instructor by email allowing the instructor to help many students in a shorter period of time. We also handle most admission issues in email.  However, if you need to talk to an admissions adviser, simply use the contact form and an admissions adviser will call you shortly.