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Coaching Overview and Legal Guidelines (Weight Management) – $130.00

Coaching Overview and Legal Guidelines (Weight Management)

Coaching Overview and Legal Guidelines


Wellness coaching is now considered to be the leading edge of life coaching, personal development and holistic health education.  As a wellness coach you will be prepared to educate and support your clients in making significant and important changes.   As a Weight Management Coach you will join the rapidly growing wellness coaching community, sharing your knowledge and skills with clients who wish to retain their balance themselves with a focus on weight management.

Wellness coaching has deep roots in the study of behavioral psychology, self-actualization and the development of our greatest human potential.  We will cover some valuable information from the coaching profession that will teach you how to work with your clients as a professional, providing them with the tools for change and your guidance.  As well study holistic health beliefs surrounding wellness, and natural interventions.

 The focus for this course is a strong emphasis on the importance of co-creation long lasting, positive, healthful weight management lifestyle changes for your clients.

Included in the course is an Emotional freedom Technique Presentation, and Coaching Technique and Legal Guidelines Study Guide and course work with exam. Information on purchasing two textbooks for the course will be sent with your order invoice. A certificate with our gold embossed seal will be awarded from the school when the student obtains a grade of 80% or higher in the course.