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ANGEL HEALING An increasing number of people are reporting encounters with their angels. We all have at least two angels by our side at all times. We all have the ability to contact our angels and receive their guidance. In this course you will learn to work with your angels to help assist in your … [View Details]

Become a Holistic Health Practitioner!

Give yourself the gift of Healing in 2013!    Welcome to Northern Star Academy of Holistic Studies.We offer Distance Learning courses and programs in:               Spiritual Counseling   Metaphysical Counseling   Spiritual Healing Energy Healing                                and more The Academy was started in 2007 in  recognition of the needs of the community for a complementary … [View Details]

Connect with your Animal Guide

Power Animal Spirit Animal Guides Connect with your Animal Guide today!   Coming Soon! Native Americans teach us that the Great Spirit speaks to us through our animal brethren. Spirit Animals possess great knowledge and power.  We live with Animals all around us; and if we can connect with their Spirit, we can listen to … [View Details]

Donations for Scholarships

We would like to develop a scholarship fund. Your contribution to the fund will enable a qualifying candidate to apply to any program of their choice.  Donations are welcome in order to offer this fund to those who would like to study but are not financially capable or do not qualify for the work study. … [View Details]


We are looking for part-time faculty to join our school. Requirements for online faculty: Must have a degree or certification in your field of study. Field of study must be Holistic in nature. Must be online on a regular basis. Have an email address and be willing to access it daily. Have a course already … [View Details]


Northern Star Academy is comprised of a diverse group of spiritually minded individuals who all share a strong desire to heal the earth and all of mankind. As long as there is a will to heal, there is always hope. Everyone deserves a ray of sunshine! Caroline Capabili Caroline is a Natural Health Instructor and … [View Details]