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In the energy healing program, the student will study an in-depth analysis of the human energy field; the auric field, chakras and meridians. Practice seeing and sensing disturbances in the energy field which lead to illness. You will work with the 7 auric layers and the 7 chakras, to scan, clear and heal the energy field. The psychic protection course will prepare you to do this light work without getting fatigued or picking up the illness you are trying to clear. You will learn a very effective technique to send healing at a distance, learn about the meridian system and apply all the healing techniques you learned under the guidance of a mentor. Once the program is completed, the student will have the tools and confidence to work with others in energy healing. You will become sensitive to disturbances in the energy field and know how to move the energy before sickness enters the body.

Courses included in the Energy Healing Program:


Energy Healing 

Spiritual Healing

Meridian Anatomy 

Psychic Protection

One Elective 

  The program includes one elective.  The student may substitute one other course from the program in addition to the elective for any course of their choosing on the site. *Individual certificates are awarded for each course taken. *On completion of the program the student will be awarded a certificate that states they have completed the necessary coursework requirements for the program and are now recognized as an Energy Healing Practitioner. You will then qualify to apply for the Holistic Health Practitioner Board Certification Status. Visit our ENROLL  page to sign up for this program. Please email us for any questions or concerns:


I was very happy with the Energy Healing Program. I was mostly studying spiritual principles on my own and then I found this program which helped organize what how I learn energy healing. My skills in healing increased rapidly and I practiced right away on family, friends, my pets and myself. It was exciting to see results! Now I am the go to person when someone needs help and I love it! Thank you for such an exciting, informative program! Much love, Deb C.