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A Metaphysical Counselor helps others understand how to create for him or herself an abundance of health, strength, success, prosperity or any other condition, which they desire through an understanding of Universal Law.  They also assist others in understanding their spiritual nature, how to use prayer as a form of healing, and work with their spiritual guides to assist them in this life.

The Metaphysical Counselor becomes skilled in mastering the mind in order to shape a new world for themselves and others. With this focus, they naturally gain healing skills that help not only the mind but the body as well. A metaphysical counselor can help with the grief stricken, loneliness, depression, anxiety, any physical illness and offer guidance and support to those who need it.  We recommend the psychic protection course in this program as the techniques in this course applies to anyone, and will speed recovery of any illness, whether physical, mental or spiritual.

This Metaphysical Counseling Program will bring you to a realization of your indwelling and unused power, guide you through simple, direct methods of drawing upon it, offer you the skills to help others with their burdens and  learn the most powerful healing methods ever discovered.

Courses in the Metaphysical Counseling Program Include:

Metaphysical Counseling 

Prayer Therapy 

Contact your Spirit Guides 

Psychic Protection

One Elective 

*On completion of the program the student will be awarded two certificates that state they have completed the Holistic Health Practitioner program in addition to the Metaphysical Counseling program.*Individual certificates are also awarded for each course taken.

For a complete understanding of what the Metaphysical Counseling Program consists of, please see the individual course descriptions found on the course description page. Visit the ENROLL  page when ordering.


“Hi, I am a licensed therapist practicing now for 12 years. After finished the metaphysical counseling program, my counseling sessions changed dramatically. I have so much more to offer my clients and never realized how important it was to me to add a spiritual aspect to my sessions. My clients love it and love practicing all the little homework assignments I give them; some traditional methods, and spiritual methods combined. There is so many practical applications one can apply. If I could rate this program I would give it 5 stars out of 5!”

Mrs. Evans Ph.D