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Northern Star Academy is comprised of a diverse group of spiritually minded individuals who all share a strong desire to heal the earth and all of mankind. As long as there is a will to heal, there is always hope. Everyone deserves a ray of sunshine!

Caroline Capabili M. Ph.D

Caroline is a Natural Health Instructor and Healer who holds a Doctorate degree in Natural Healing. Her studies included Naturopathy, Holistic Nutrition, Vitamins and Herbs, Nutritional Counseling, Spiritual Counseling, and many other naturalhealing modalities. Her goal is to teach others proper nutritional guidelines to restore health and well-being. Caroline has worked as an adjunct faculty member or many years and contributed numerous articles on Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle. She has also worked as a program coordinator, creating and designing online curriculum and over sees the online classes we offer at the school. In her free time, she enjoys healthy living, yoga, travel, reading, writing, and the company of good friends and family.

“Growing up, I was always healthy until one day in my early twenties I found it difficult to concentrate on my college courses. I was always tired and sleepy, had trouble staying awake during the day and experienced terrible indigestion problems. At my lowest point, I found it impossible to work and continue with school. There just wasn’t enough of me to go around. Depression followed. That’s when I decided to take charge of my own health. With help from Holistic Doctors and Holistic Health Practitioners, I was put on a regimen of healthy eating, fresh air and exercise (very little exercise sessions at first as I didn’t have the energy) vitamins, and herbs. My spiritual counselor taught me how to clear my energy field and open it so it flows with universal life giving energy. I learned meditation techniques, breathing techniques, and practiced emotional clearing exercises to regain my health. It took about 6 months total to feel like me again and I was so grateful to feel like myself, I knew I had to study Holistic Healing so I could help others like they helped me. I am so glad to have the opportunity to be of service to others in their journey through healing!”

Linda Capobianco M. Ph.D

Linda holds a Doctorate Degree in Metaphysical Philosophy and Natural Healing and is the director of the Metaphysical/Spiritual programs and Admissions Advisor at several online schools. She has extensive training in spiritual counseling and spiritual healing methods. She has worked in the field of online education as an adjunct faculty member and program coordinator for over 15 years and has over 30 years experience teaching privately. She has worked as a health researcher, curriculum/instructional designer at the university level, editor and proofreader for numerous holistic health textbooks and courses and is author of many courses as well. Linda is also a Spiritual Counselor/Healer and integrates several healing modalities into her practice including Spiritual Healing, Chakra Therapy and Aura Cleansing. Linda can feel the Human Aura enabling her to detect blockages and/or illnesses in the energetic system, she uses this ability to augment her healings. Linda enjoys working with teens who are suffering from anxiety and depression teaching them meditation, relaxation, and breathing skills. She volunteers as a mentor to troubled teens and their parents, helping them to heal their relationships with one another.Linda enjoys teaching others from all over the world healing techniques and finds tremendous rewards in helping others move forward on their holistic/spiritual path.

Some of the courses and workshops she has taken: Natural Healing, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Detoxification in Homeopathic Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, Vibrational Medicine, Meridian Therapy, Chakra Therapy, Crystal Healing, Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Counseling, Life Coaching. Spirit Communication, Psychic Development. Mind over Body Healing, Metaphysical Philosophy, Reiki Master, A Course in Miracles and many many more.

In her free time Linda enjoys holistic living, experiencing all that nature has to offer, bike riding, and making people smile! For concerns or questions regarding courses, or programs you can reach Linda at the following email address:

“There was always a spiritual aspect to my life from a child. It began with me being in tune with spirits and angels; hearing them talk to me, and performing seances with my family. All the girls in the family had psychic ability and life was good. As a teenager however, I left it all behind to focus on what most teenage girls do, dating, and going to school and worrying if I was good enough. Many years went by without me paying any attention to spirit. It wasn’t until lyme disease came into my life that my quest for healing began and the abilities opened up once again. When I was infected by lyme disease, it went misdiagnosed for many years. Doctors were baffled and I was very ill. Unable to work and desperate for an answer I researched as much as I was able to on healing oneself naturally. As I applied holistic methods to my mysterious illness, I noticed an improvement in my health. One day I pulled a tick off my body and it left the classic rash some people get after being infected with lyme. I ran to my doctor and it was confirmed; not only was it lyme but I was already in the later stages of having lyme disease so they knew right away it was what I was dealing with those last three years. Finally an answer! Between traditional methods of healing and holistic methods combined, I began to regain my health a little at a time. A lingering case of asthma led me to seek out energy work as a treatment. This changed my life forever. Working with unseen energy not only healed my asthma but awakened in me abilities I had as a child; to see and feel the aura and the universal energy field. Once this happened, I wanted to learn more and took many classes and workshops on spiritual healing and Metaphysical techniques. Sometimes it only takes a small change in ones lifestyle to cause a huge effect in one’s well-being. My desire is to show others how to make that change and feel better about themselves, and have them pass that on to all their friends and family, creating a tidal wave of healing!”

Manuel Gago

Manuel has worked in the public school system for over 16 years as a dedicated teacher and counselor to his many students. During that time, he also pursued Art and is a very successful artist and creator of comic strips, portraits and the human figure. You can view his work here:

Several mysterious events have changed Manuel’s vision of life. The first happened when he was 24 years old and arrived for the first time to a small unfamiliar village far from home. He parked the car and started to walk, and then a thin, average sized man came towards him, stopped and smiled, and said: “Hello Manuel…are you astonished because I know your name? I know everything about you.” The man continued smiling and waiting for him to say something, but there were no words he could think to say. The man walked away, turned a corner and disappeared. Later he was told through a channeling that it was his angel watching over him.

The second life changing experience was when Manuel became suddenly trapped in the snow while driving a small car on the road. With no one to help and miles from his home, he began to panic and pray. At once, a deep calm came flooding over him and his windshield cleared enough for him to drive slowly through the snow until he reached his destination safety hours later. When the news announced how bad the snow conditions were, he knew divine guidance led him out of that storm safely.

Manuel started to study spirituality regularly in November 1999, as he himself reports.

“I began my spiritual training in 1999 working with a few very special spiritual teachers. I learned a great deal assisting in a number of workshops and conferences on what the Universe is, the nature of God, the beings that inhabit the worlds, the different dimensions and their properties, how life is on the other side and many other more than interesting things. At that time, I also became attuned up to the Master Level with the energy of Reiki. I started to practice Reiki on myself, and to my surprise, all my pains that I had been suffering for decades suddenly disappeared.

“Nowadays I am in contact with my Spirit Guide. He started his lessons in 2008, and I have had many communications with him teaching and guiding me through life and in my Reiki sessions. Before he appeared, I already knew that the distance Reiki that I practice is very powerful and effective. I have worked with cancer patients who were healed by the power of reiki. One day, my beloved Spirit Guide told me that I should never consider myself responsible for the results on my reiki sessions, as that power I transmit is not mine, but given to me from the realms of “Above” in order that the sick receive what is for his/her Highest Good.

“He always repeats ” Sickness, though you physical people on Earth cannot understand why, exists for a purpose, and they work for the highest good of those who suffer them. All is working in the correct order, and destiny cannot be changed. A sickness may be healed by Reiki or any other method, if it is best for the patient is to get healed. If this is not the case and destiny has decided the contrary, Reiki always will act for the Highest Good of the sick person. Never feel responsible for the results of your Reiki and know that it will do the best for the people who receive it”

“With that premise on mind, I am happy to help others sending them distance Reiki, and this is the service that I offer to whoever may need it or wish to receive it. I usually give three sessions of half an hour each. For further details about what I need for the sessions, please contact me at” Manuel teaches the online reiki courses at the school as well the reiki course in Spanish as he is from Spain. We are so happy to have him with us and he is a wonderful healer and counselor!

Adrien Amadeo-Vittone, “Raven”

Adrien is a qualified teacher of traditional Usui Reiki Master, Founder and Grand Master of both PRISMology of Light Healing and StarFire Animal Healing & Communication, Master of numerous energy healing systems, Certified Chakra Therapist, Shambhalla and Vipassana meditation, Kundalini Yoga, animal communicator, artist, pianist, author of “Willow Meets Hawk – a journey in healing”,with a passion for classical homeopathy, yoga and dance. She holds doctorate certifications in Metaphysics and Philosophy in Complementary Healing along with a lifetime membership with the International Natural Healers Association and the World Metaphysical Association. She is a proud volunteer/member with the The Distant Healing Network, Pacific Northwest Raptors, Stanley Park Ecology Society and Bird Studies Canada. Raven enjoys teaching those who have the passion and desire to learn “healing from the heart”.

Dorothy Welsh

Dorothy is a gifted Psychic, Medium and Spiritual Advisor who’s incredible gifts were discovered at a very young age. She is a 4th generation psychic and has developed these gifts into a professional practice for over 20 years with clients throughout the United States and around the globe. During a reading, Dorothy connects with your Angels and Spirit Guides to deliver a reading that spiritually directs you along your specific path. She may also connect with loved ones that have crossed over for messages of love and healing. Dorothy provides knowledge and compassion to each individual circumstance. She not only gives you information, but allows you to see all the possible ways you can direct the outcome of your life. The tools she provides empower you with the confidence to make informed decisions about your future. If you have questions about your love life, finances, career, or family issues, Dorothy can help open your eyes to your unique situation and help you create possibilities for success. Dorothy works in the angelic realm and with loved ones who have crossed over. She is dedicated to helping you awaken your psychic talents; to help you communicate better with each other and to empower you to make more informed decisions about your own life.

Radio Appearances

*Chakra Radio *Stargate Roundtable *Journey Into the Light *Visible By Numbers with Alison Baughman *The Carol Tollen Psychic Experience *What Matters Most *Medium Rare

Dorothy is also an instructor at the school. Dorothy teaches psychic development classes in the Bucks County area of Pennsylvania and has created a Psychic Development Series of audio classes that are available as instant downloads – so you can start developing your gifts right away. She also has a line of Guided Meditations to help you center yourself, relieve stress and anxiety and to assist you in connecting with your Angels, Guides and Loved Ones. Dorothy is available for private readings in Bucks County, PA. She also provides phone readings and email readings around the world. Schedule your reading today! Please note there is a 3 month waiting period in most cases for a reading as Dorothy’s schedule is full. We like to thank Dorothy for contributing her expert knowledge to the school!

Annette  LaBate HHP

Annette LaBate is a Reiki Master instructor and Healer, a Spiritual Counselor, and Angel Card Reader who also teaches meditation techniques. She has been in the healing arts for over 40 years. She has studied Psychology and Women Studies at Temple University and Saint Joseph’s University and is committed to helping women to empower themselves. As a result, a high percentage of her clients are from referrals and she welcomes the opportunity to serve you.

Annette provides Angel readings by email and in person. Annette also teaches All levels of Usui Reiki in person and offers Reiki healing sessions with her healing Angels in person and at a distance. Please see our Class Schedule page for more information about signing up for a reiki class. All reiki classes will count toward earning your Holistic Health Practitioner Certification.

Reiki classes and healing sessions are in Flemington New Jersey or N.E. Philadelphia. Contact Annette for Professional Angel Readings on the phone, by email, or in person.

Jackie Christensen, Ph.D.

Jackie Christensen, Ph.D. has a passion for natural health and education. Her many achievements include earning a Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders from MinnesotaStateUniversity, graduating on the Dean’s Honor List for the Master of Science in Holistic Health from the Global College of Natural Medicine and earning a Ph.D. in Natural Medicine from the Kingdom College of Natural Health. Jackie has served as a faculty member for many prestigious natural health colleges, where she trained students to become nutritional consultants, herbalists, and holistic health practitioners.

“My goal as a holistic health educator is to help students understand the body’s natural ability to heal itself and remove toxins that are blocking vital energy. I assist students as they discover the body’s natural propensity toward healing and guide them through the process of assessing the whole person, not just the symptoms as they search for the underlying causes of imbalance.

I believe that humans are individuals and each one is influenced by a multitude of factors including diet, exercise, genetics, attitudes and spiritual beliefs. Everyone is unique and each illness reflects an issue that is exclusive to that person. I am committed to educating students on using a wide variety of healing modalities and lifestyle options to help others utilize their internal resources, begin the healing process, and strengthen the mind, body, spirit connection.

I believe the holism theory: The whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts. We are three separate parts mind, body and spirit of a whole and optimum health is a state of being in which the mind, body, and spirit work in balance and harmony. To reach optimum health it requires an equal assessment of all parts to discover where an imbalance might lie.

I am motivated, dedicated, and passionate about my work and I utilize my skills to empower students with the knowledge that is necessary to make informed decisions about their health, as well as their clients.”


We all live and we all die – two truths that can’t be argued.

For the majority of people, the space between birth and death hold their attention, and is the focus of their journey. But for Patty Burgess, the ending point– death, with its surrounding fear, stigmas and mystery is a rich area to indulge her ever expanding curiosity and passion for heartfelt life experiences.

Patty’s introduction to death and loss, began as a caregiver to her friend Rona, and learning how to best support her. It was hospice that helped Patty help Rona face the end of her life. For both Patty and Rona, the journey was about being fully present , exploring and making peace with death. It transformed them both and turned into a humbling, fulfilling, and exhilarating path for Patty.

Her time with Rona, the sudden death of her father and her mother’s long battle with ovarian cancer moved Patty over the years through the hospice industry, from volunteer to trainer to community educator. While the work was enriching, Patty saw a void in the training of hospice volunteers, and caregivers as well as for those whose lives are so impacted by grief. She was “doing death differently”, and saw that this approach to death dramatically changed those facing the end of life, and their loved ones.

Avoiding or ignoring feelings and fears about death and dying, sadly, also leads to avoiding or ignoring important connections, so needed at the end of life. There is a way to BE with the dying that is transformative. Living and dying can co-exist beautifully in any present moment. Patty’s passion has led to her experiential workshops, books and outreach where she teaches how to “Do Death Differently”, not be overwhelmed or afraid, but to even experience the joy, the passion and the exhilaration inherent in the honor of BEing with the dying. For those who wish to become a hospice volunteer, or who are personal or professional caregivers–getting back exponentially more than you give, as a result of this training, is waiting for you.

Patty is also available as a corporate consultant and trainer. With her corporate background and experience she can develop customized in-house programs to fit your business needs.

For those challenged in the grieving process, the range of emotions associated with grief is as varied as there are people and personalities. Creating a safe and supportive environment to be heard and heal is the cornerstone of her Grief Recovery Classes. As a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, Patty can help participants reclaim the lives they were meant to live.

Founder, Teaching Transitions – Doing Death Differently

Trainer, How to BE with the Dying/End of Life Communication for Volunteers, Personal and Professional Caregivers

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, Grief Recovery Institute

Former Hospice Community Educator, Speaker

Author, ebook – What to Expect When Death Comes

 Rebekah Gamble

Rebekah is a holistic practitioner, teacher, speaker, published author and writer who is trained in more than 50 different healing, medical and holistic modalities and has been practicing in Pennsylvania since 2010. She was a teacher and activist before going into holistic health when her own health collapsed. She has been teaching academically since 2004, and spiritually since 1997 when she wrote and presented her first talk for her church at the age of seven and entered ministerial school. Rebekah was first recognized for what she later recognized as performing energy healing when she was five years old, and her skills and knowledge has only increased since then. She is the founder and developer of the Talking Stick Diaries, The Talking Stick Therapies, Unified Energy Therapy, and Embody Healing, LLC. Rebekah is also a member of the Knight’s Templar and is one of only four people in North America who are qualified to teach the Knight’s Templar healing modality.

“For me, spirituality is all I’ve ever been able to rely on. I was sick from birth upward and had an unstable family life. Because of my energetic abilities, I was feared in the community, and it led to a lot of emotional struggles for me early on. My health collapsed when I was sixteen and several doctors worked to keep me out of pain as much as possible as I died, but to everyone’s surprise I pulled through until I was eighteen, when I had the legal power to stop treatment. I turned to nutrition and got well, only to collapse again when I was twenty. I expected to die this time, and got into meditation as a way to try to bring myself peace in the process. Things started changing rapidly for me and I unexpectedly started to get well within a few weeks. By the time I was 24, I was no longer on any treatment, including herbal and other natural treatments, which I had previously been dependent on. I learned that to truly heal a condition means to no longer have the condition rather than be dependent on natural methods to survive, which is glorified symptom management like is done in the medical field. We are very fortunate to have western medicine, but it is not the be all end all of health, and this is why I have studied so many modalities, including in the mainstream western medical system. It is my goal to be the person who can decipher what the real source of the problem is quickly, then either help you heal yourself or direct you to someone who can help you if I am not the right fit for you. My real passion, though, is teaching. I write books that teach people how to do this work themselves, and I teach a lot of classes through the company I founded which also brings in practitioners from other cities to Pittsburgh where I live. The healing of my global community is very important to me. This is why I feel blessed and am excited to join with Northern Star Academy of Holistic Studies, where I will be able to reach more people who are not in my area, so that we can all improve our lives.”