Tarot Reading of the Month The Empress

Tarot Reading by The Bucks County Medium
T H E   E M P R E S S   The Empress sits on a plush chair with  pillows and blankets.  She is very comfortable surrounded by nature as well as her feminine symbols.  The stars upon her head show her connection to the Divine and the scepter wields her power to achieve all she desires.Use the power of the Empress this month to achieve your desires.  She willingly lends her power to you as she teaches you respect for the earth and your surroundings.  Do no harm as you move forward with the opportunities set before you.  Set out on paper all the goals you have in mind and watch how they are met one step at a time.  This month will be a fast moving month and your energies will soar!  Your solar plexus is stimulated and charged up.  You have the power to complete anything and by months end reap the harvest of your dreams.  Know that the energies in the universe bend to your will and help you achieve whatever you set your mind to as long as you harm none to get there.This month is a continuation of last month’s energy of the High Priestess.  And as the Sun moves into Leo, the lion brings his mighty roar and power to assist you.  With both energies of the Empress and the Lion.  You are sure to make it big this month.  Reap what you have sown and bask in the happy excitement that is yours.  May you feel the many blessings in your life this month and be grateful.

Many Blessings to you!

Dorothy Welsh

Chakra and Aura Clearings

Remove Negative Energies

Are you an Empath?
Do you pick up others negative energy?
Do you work in a negative environment?
Are you feeling unusually tired for no reason?
You may need a clearing.
Your Aura may be blocked by your own negative thoughts which also draw other negative energies to you.
I will be happy to help you Clear negative energies attached to your aura and blockages in your Chakras.
$ 45
Bensalem Pa 19020
Please Call to make an appointment.
Send request to  healingwithinu@yahoo.com


Too Busy to Live Fully..How to heal yourself so you can help others

Too Busy to Live by Gloria Hass
People rush to and fro.
They race to get to the client and to see who can build their business the biggest and fastest.
People rush to and fro.
They don’t have time to sleep and eat properly.
People rush to and fro.
They’re busy filling their life up with no extra spare time for anything.
People rush to and fro until one day they find themselves flat on their backs sick, disabled or…..My parents would always tell me to slow down in life and live. I would always hear, “When I grew up…” My response was, “When the dinosaurs roamed the earth” and we would all laugh. As I have gotten older and wiser I hear myself saying, “When I grew up” phrase. To be quite honest life was more slower paced than it is now. There was time to get to know your neighbor – become friends with your neighbors – people weren’t isolated as they are now. People knew how to live life and to help people in need.

Now, it seems as if people only want to help themselves – they want to continually take and not give to people who truly need it. I’m not talking about just giving monetarily, I’m referring to giving of your time. The best gift you can give anyone, including yourself, is you.

There are people who are truly too busy in their lives because they are taking care of their children and aging parents at the same time.

There are people who have retired from their jobs and have filled their lives up with volunteer work. They’re helping other people but not themselves.

There are people who are so busy building a business that they don’t have the time to help others. They don’t even take the time to take care of themselves properly. I have heard, “I’m busy seven days a week and I work 16 to 20 hours a day. I have barely enough time to sleep and eat.”

People rush to and fro until one day they find themselves flat on their backs sick, disabled or __________________________.

There are people who need your care and help. One day you might be the person who is in need of help and what if  there isn’t anyone to help you?

There are people who give of themselves to others because they love it. One day they find themselves in need only to find there isn’t anyone to come to their aid.


Some reasons: People are too busy to want the responsibility of helping someone else. They feel as if the person will come to depend on them every day.

People subconsciously or consciously look at someone disabled and steer clear of them because the thought is that person’s disability might be contagious if I talk or touch them.

Both of these thoughts aren’t true. While there are people who want everyone to do things for them, that’s not how everyone thinks. Does this person need someone to do their grocery shopping while in a weakened condition? The person will get stronger and the shopping may only be one day a month as that is when the person does their shopping for the entire month. Ma be this person  needs help cleaning their house. A sick person has a hard time keeping a house clean. Doing a few chores for them will allow them to feel less overwhelmed. Helping people can heal their mental attitude about themselves and others, so helping other people will help the world to heal one person at a time.

There are people who do fill up their time because they don’t like being alone with themselves. These people need to heal themselves of their issues in order to be able to help others which will help them heal.

You might ask how do I stop going to and fro – being too busy to help myself let alone others? I am going to write guidelines that you have probably heard many times before. I know when I hear things repeatedly then it’s time for me to take notice and start to implement what I hear.

How to heal yourself so you can help others heal:

1. S-L-O-W  DOWN! What does that exactly mean? Stop filling up all of your spare time with an activity. When you wake up in the morning instead of getting on your computer, immediately forcing food in you and running to the gym, or whatever task you do that has you running at jet speed, sit on your porch, if you have one, look out a window and just enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet. At night, make some time to just relax after work or dinner. Watch a movie, read a book, spend time with your family. Take one day a week just to spend time for yourself doing nothing. Watch movies, go for a leisurely walk, read a book, take a nap – just lay around and do nothing. Spend another day with a loved one – family, friends, significant other/spouse. By freeing up your time in the evenings, you can give your family, including pets, a wonderful gift and that is the gift of you.

2. Relax with meditation, acupuncture, Reiki, and drinking herbal tea. Turn off the iPad, iPod, computer, loud blaring music, video games and allow your brain to relax. Every body needs down time in order to be built back up and get rejuvenated.

3. You are in control of your calendar and time. Don’t book your appointments one on top of the other giving you barely enough time to catch your breath. If you work in the field, do you find yourself rushing through one appointment to frantically drive through traffic to another appointment? Do you find yourself getting upset with other people being on the road because that doesn’t allow you to be the only one on the road so you can do what you need to do without any interference? Change the way you book your appointments allowing enough time to relax so you can be the best you can be as well as allowing others to have their space and time in the world.

4.  Once you have slowed down to where you have time for you, others, and some volunteer work, don’t be tempted to pick up the pace and run yourself ragged where you’re back doing the same rush to and fro routine.

Helping people heals their attitude about mankind and the world being a nasty place to live. Helping others also helps us in ways we couldn’t begin to imagine. Our own healing, whatever form that may be, takes place as well. We weren’t created to be a selfish island unto ourselves. It’s not about the money and how many earthy riches we can gather before we leave this earth. You won’t be able to take it with you. We were created to love one another – to help one another.
Let’s start today by healing ourselves then helping others and our environment.


Why Some People Refuse to be Healed

Why Some People Refuse to be Healed

by Gloria Hass


I noticed over the years that some people refuse to be healed of what is causing them to be sick. Some people are quite adamant about it.

 There’s a multitude of reasons for people refusing to be healed. Some of which are listed below:

  1.  They would have to go back to work as their livelihood would be gone.
  2. They would no longer be the center of attention. Since they’ve been sick, they’ve received a huge payoff in receiving attention.
  3. They will be able to go on disability and not have to work.
  4. They are scared of alternative therapies and only stick to traditional medicine.
  5. Some people think alternative therapies are not of God.
  6. They use their illness as an excuse to not participate fully in life.
  7. Fear of the unknown.
  8. Afraid of side effects although they will take traditional medicine which has many side effects which can cause further damage to their body.
  9. Can’t afford alternative treatments and insurance companies refuse to cover this line of treatment.
  10. Fear that they will get their hopes up and the treatment won’t work.


As a society, the system has made us dependent on what it provides. While the system is in effect, we can honestly beat the system. We can take control of our own healing and refuse to allow society to dictate how we should take care of ourselves.

 Healing begins with a desire and that desire is followed by faith for us to believe we will be healed. We need to concentrate on our own healing and not allow our mind to waver from our healing journey regardless of how long it takes. You control your healing.

 There will always be someone who is willing to help you get where you need to go. Let the universe guide you to these people. Discern in your spirit the good and healing modalities you need to surround yourself with. Utilize what is now in your grasp.

 “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve,” Napoleon Hill.

 Our minds are very powerful and if our thoughts are not aligned with our true healing, we’re not going to see the results we want. Align your thoughts with true healing and over time, you will see healing. Keep your thoughts pure and steady in your healing and continue to believe regardless of what your natural world looks like. Speak your healing aloud into the universe each day and thank the universe for your healing.

 You can heal all areas of your life by using this simple method. While the method is simple, it’s not as easy to get our thinking to line up with the positive. Over time, your mind will be re-trained and line up with the vibration of life healing.

 Let us all make a conscious effort to take better care of ourselves and have a mindset of one to live the best possible life we can. Then, let us help others heal as well.

In Person Psychic Development Workshops Level 1 and 2

Psychic Development Level I
One Day Psychic Workshop – Sunday April 25, 2015
10:30am – 3:30pm
33 University Drive
Newtown, PA 18940
(Details for the workshop are below)


Psychic Development Level II
One Day Psychic Workshop – Saturday April 12, 2015
10:30am – 3:30pm
33 University Drive
Newtown, PA 18940
(Details for the workshop are below)


These workshops are fun and interactive.  You will learn and practice many
techniques, including clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience,
mediumship, psychometry and more)  
(additional class details are below)

*Please email me (dorothy@mymoonspirit.com) with any questions.


One-Day Psychic Development Workshop – Level I
You will learn,
Learn the basic fundamentals for developing your psychic awareness
-creating a good psychic connection
-breathing techniques
-meditation techniques to open your psychic awareness,
-centering techniques
-creating your own sacred space
-raising your own energy
-connections through your dreams
-learn quick connection and centering techniques (shortcuts)

We will also learn and have live practice sessions
Learn and practice the following techniques for
– Opening your Chakras
– Clearing your Chakras
– Clearing your Auric Energy Field
– Raising your awareness
– Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience Techniques
– Recognize, work with, and read your own and others energies
– Psychometry and Mediumship practice sessions

* Bring objects and pictures of loved ones to class* All Attendees will receive a Psychic Attunement as well as a mini reading in

*Please bring your lunch – we will have a short 30 minute lunch break.


Single Registration – $165

Group of 2 Registrations – $155/ea

Group of 3 Registrations – $155/ea

One-Day Psychic Development Workshop – Level II
You will learn,
Learn about Psychic Protection and Psychic Attack. And learn techniques to
deflect it.  Learn what signs to look for to check if you are under attack and ways
to diminish the effects and get rid of it once and for all.

We will also learn and have live practice sessions
Learn and practice the following techniques for– Recognizing Psychic Attacks
– Stopping and blocking psychic attacks
– Protecting your own energy field
– Techniques on raising your own energy
– Checking your Chakras
– Balancing Your Chakras
– Techniques to keep them in balance

And there will be additional practice with
– Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience Techniques
– Psychometry and Mediumship practice sessions
– Reading others energies for mediumship as well as for Life Readings

* Bring objects and pictures of loved ones to class (both living and/or
* All Attendees will receive a Second Psychic Attunement as well as a mini
reading in class.

*Please bring your lunch – we will have a short 30 minute lunch break.


Vertigo makes the world go around

Vertigo makes the world go around, the world go around, the world go around. Vertigo makes the world go around and if you’re not careful, you’ll go upside down.

The room can spin when you lay down, sit up or walk. You can even pass out from vertigo.

Vertigo isn’t the most pleasant thing to have. In fact, there are days and possibly weeks that it just hangs around. Vertigo seems to have become your new best friend – a friend you could do without.

What may cause vertigo?
Multiple Sclerosis.
Over extending your energy
Inner ear imbalance
Fluid buildup in your ear
An inner ear infection
Sharp decrease in blood pressure
Kidney disease
Thyroid disorders
Head trauma
Brain hemorrhage
Slowed heart rate
Rapid heart rate
Not getting enough rest
Kidney and/or bladder infection
Other systemic infections

Not all the medications for vertigo may help you. What I have found to help me:
Getting more rest and sleep
Energy Healing
Drinking unsweetened cranberry juice (to aid in fighting infection)

More Suggestions:

Food sensitivities may play a role in vertigo. Try changing your diet; eat less processed foods which are high in sodium and can aggravate vertigo, add add more fruits and vegetables. Drink at least 64 ounces of water each day, add fresh lemon to your water to help you detox your body. Take a few basil leaves and add them to your salad or tea, basil helps ease the symptoms of vertigo.

Make sure you have regular check ups with your doctor to be in the best possible health you can be. Maybe trying one or more of the items listed above, may prove to be beneficial in healing other ailments going on in your body. Alternative healing methods sometimes work better than conventional methods.

Gloria Hass

Amalgam Fillings Begin to “Phase Out”

Amalgam Fillings Begin to “Phase Out”
By Jackie Christensen, Ph.D.
The controversy over amalgam fillings has been an ongoing issue for many years. In 1991 the World Health Organization (WHO) recognized mercury fillings as the major source of exposure for humans. After a five year study the Journal of the American Medical Association announced in 2006 that amalgam fillings were safe for children. Two years later the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ended a lawsuit with a number of consumer advocacy groups, as part of the settlement the FDA agreed to increase consumer awareness by including the potential risks associated with amalgam fillings on their website. Currently the U.S. government has announced they will begin to “phase out” mercury fillings.
Dental amalgam consists of 50% mercury and because it is such a widely used dental product millions of people worldwide have mercury fillings implanted in their teeth. Mercury is the second most toxic element in existence, succeeding only to plutonium. It has been shown that every time pressure is put on an amalgam filling, mercury vapor leaks out, which can lead to mercury poisoning. Mercury poisoning can cause debilitating conditions such as chronic fatigue, migraine headaches, depression, cancer, ADHD, arthritis, asthma and autism. Even the minutest amounts of mercury are considered to be unsafe. The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers amalgam filling to be handled as hazardous waste after a tooth containing mercury has been extracted, so why would anyone want to have it in their mouth?

To learn more about the risks associated with mercury please watch Smoking Teeth=Poison Gas, a video produced by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT):

This video reveals, without doubt the release of mercury vapors from amalgam fillings and includes research of the affects from this offgassing.
As more information surfaces about the perils of amalgam fillings the general public continues to search for healthy ways to avoid toxicity from their amalgam fillings. Dentists with a more holistic approach to dentistry may offer an amalgam filling removal program. If removal of amalgam fillings is not an option, a chelation detox can be used to eliminate mercury and other heavy metals from the body. Chlorella is an algae that can be found in most health food stores and can be supplemented for its detoxification capabilities. Cilantro is another natural chelating agent and can easily be grown on a windowsill. Garlic and coriander should also be added to the diet as they have been shown to eliminate mercury and lead.

Breiner DDS, Mark. “Whole Body Dentistry – Politics / Poison.” Center For Holistic Medicine In Connecticut – Medical and Dental Center For Holistic Medicine. Web. 15 Sept. 2011. .
Steele, Peggy. “Phase-down of Silver Amalgam Fillings May Just Be an Attempt to Hoodwink the Public.” Independent News on Natural Health, Nutrition and More. 19 May 2011. Web. 15 Sept. 2011.
“Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas – YouTube.” YouTube – Broadcast Yourself. Web. 15 Sept. 2011.

February– the month of LOVE.

February– the month of LOVE.

LOVE–We all want it. We all need it on many different levels and from different people, whether it be your spouse, parents, siblings, friends or others.

However, many of us lock ourselves away on Valentine’s Day and pretend it’s not happening. We don’t have a romantic partner that we want to share love with or we are at odds with our friends, parents and siblings and we don’t feel loved. Our fears and inadequacies begin to arise.

What is it that we need to do? Learn to love yourself first. It is the key to happiness and fulfillment. Loving yourself is essential in order to maintain well-being, joy, self-empowerment, and self-esteem.

Not knowing how to love yourself can create obstacles in having the life you want. You are filled with self-doubt, indecision, depression, negativity, fear, worry and the list goes on. It begins to take over your life and self-sabatoge appears. You feel separate and not connected to others and especially from the Source within.

Each and every relationship that you have, whether it be your spouse, mother, father, sibling, boss, friend, will mirror certain parts of yourself to reflect back the relationship you have with yourself. Your separateness from yourself and the love you have for yourself will attract people and circumstances that mirror your negative beliefs and feelings about yourself. We experience the manifestations of what we FEEL and have attention on. That is the LAW OF ATTRACTION. So, in order for you to experience loving people and circumstances, you need to know how to love yourself first.
The best way to LEARN how to love yourself is to turn your attention inward to yourself, the Presence that you are that is simply here, and already IS love.

Awareness and mindfulness is the beginning. Notice the following:

1.Notice what sensations you feel in the body when you feel unloved by others and/or yourself and stay with it. Try not to distract yourself and run from the feeling. It is only a “bad” feeling when you label it as such. See the sensation a just a vibration and energy in the body.

2. Recognize how you talk to yourself. Are you being loving or critical?

3. Nurture yourself:
What do you love to do that makes you happy, excited, invokes positive feelings. Taking a walk in nature, reading a good book, taking a bath, having a cup of tea?

4. Forgiveness:We have all done something that we are not proud of. By forgiving yourself for past mistakes, you free yourself from the guilt that binds you and you can make better choices. This is very empowering and liberating.

5. Affirm:
I am Love.
I lovingly forgive myself. I am free.
I love and approve of myself.

6. Carrying crystals that promote forgiveness and bring a sense of love, and opens the heart (which is the first step in forgiving yourself and others) such as rose quartz, kunzite, rhodochrosite and green aventurine.

7. Reiki sessions help to center and balance the body, bring awareness, peace, comfort and joy.

8. Pranic Healing sessions assist with self-sabotaging behavior, negative thoughts, strengthen
will and self-esteem

9. Massage with rose essential oil opens the meridians to help energy flow and release stuck emotions.

So Valentine’s Day is not only a celebration for lovers, it is the celebration of the Love that you ARE, a reminder that you can love yourself and create the life that you dream of.

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Seventh (Crown) Chakra Healing

Seventh (Crown) Chakra Healing

Wake up your Spiritual Energy, intuition and wisdom. Experience a healing on the seventh chakra and bring yourself closer to the Divine.  The seventh chakra, also called the Crown Chakra or Thousand-Petaled Lotus is located at the top of the head. It has the Sanskrit name of Sahasrara which means one thousand or thousand fold which denotes that this center consists of approximately 1000 petals. The color for this chakra is violet or white representing spiritual mastery, transformation, and high spiritual attainment. These colors are of the highest vibration and purest of energies.

The seventh chakras associated organs and glands include the cerebral cortex, central nervous system, right brain, right eye, right side of the face, upper skull, skin, muscular and skeletal system and pineal and pituitary glands.

Physical and emotional dysfunctions that may occur are: cerebral tumors, diseases of the muscular system, skeletal system and the skin, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, chronic exhaustion not associated with physical ailments, sensitivity to light, sound, and the environment, depression, alienation, confusion, boredom, or an inability to learn, dementia, chronic fatigue, or dizziness.

When the seventh chakra is open, the person has a spiritual connection to the Divine, it is natural for them to commit to a daily spiritual practice and they seem to have keen intuition and an understanding or knowingness about life and death. Many are spiritual teachers and set positive examples as others admire their devotion, wisdom, and compassion for all things.  They are an enlightened being, representing wisdom, oneness, peace, joy and love and everyone who comes into contact with them feels safe and secure being in their presence. They represent mastery on the spiritual plane. Separation and/or criticism of oneself or others do not exist. They know how to rise above the ego and embrace the lightness of awareness. They possess selflessness, humanitarianism, and good values.

They have mastery over the body, mind and emotions and are able to live at peace even in not so perfect surroundings and set an example for any to live by. They understand we all have limitations and they accept this in themselves and others easily; they never try to change others as they know trials and tribulations are lessons for the spirit.

They see everything as a spiritual experience. They don’t worry about good luck versus bad luck. They know the divine is at work always and they are graceful and humble at its presence and a source of inspiration for all. They radiate love to all.

You know your souls purpose at this level. If you decide not to follow it then you choose to live in the lower chakras.  If you choose to follow it, life gives you everything you need to fulfill your purpose, including an inexhaustible amount of energy.

If this chakra is weakened or blocked, the person may have a lack of purpose, loss of meaning or identity, and issues with trust. They may be proud, even arrogant, or narcissist, have no concern for another person’s feelings, they may be depressed or confused, or have trouble learning things. They will be unhappy and have low self-esteem and may feel misunderstood or frustrated with everything.  They could be catatonic or exhibit no spark of joy. Taken to the extreme, they may withdraw from the world and be very anti social, which diminishes their influence on others.

Ironically chronic illness can cause this chakra to weaken, on the other hand, a weak crown chakra can cause chronic illness. Psychic attacks are common and some end up in mental institutions because they are easily possessed by spirits but are diagnosed as psychotic instead.

The blocked crown chakra personality tends to be very lonely as it rejects help from others, relying on its own intellect and left brain to get things done. It seems to be attached to the material world and lacks a feeling of fulfillment. It lives life as if something is missing and it can’t find the answer. It may feel emotionally numb, exhausted and empty blaming its problems on either poor health or something that is missing in the material world.

When blocked crown chakra personalities realize that work is not satisfying they find themselves asking the age old question, “Is this all there is?”  Then their whole world comes crashing down when they realize hard work and logical thinking didn’t make them happy.

Many act out in negative ways; they leave their spouses, or jobs, buy expensive sports cars or leave home to find the happiness they so long for. Some do eventually find spirituality and that’s when their pain ends. They realize their limitations and accept there is another way to obtain answers to life’s unending questions- connecting oneself to the higher self or higher power, which is what the healthy seventh chakra personality lives by.

This personality is actually the complete opposite of the root chakra personality as it believes it is responsible for everything that happens in its life, unlike the victim who blames everyone else for its life circumstances.

Excessive energy can express itself as severe mental disturbance, seeing and hearing voices that do not make any sense or tell you to do bad things, migraines, frustration, arrogance, rigid beliefs, greed, or manic depressive illness.

To recognize someone with a blocked seventh chakra, look for:

The woman who is chronically exhausted for no apparent reason

The man who feels lonely and refuses to accept help

The teenage boy who acts like a ‘know it all’

The little girl who can’t seem to remember what she just studied in school.

Questions to ask oneself

  • Are you often depressed, experiencing a lack of joy?
  • Do you feel tired after getting a good nights sleep?
  • Do you suffer from a chronic illness?
  • Do you feel disconnected to the Divine?
  • Do you believe in life after death?
  • Do you define who you are by what you do?
  • Do you believe in a higher self?
  • Do you control your destiny?
  • Do you solve most of your problems with sheer will power?
  • Do you meditate?

Warning: Too many spiritual students are in a hurry to master their spirituality and become enlightened. They may choose to work on their crown chakra first. This is not safe and a student will go much further in their spiritual growth if they work on the lower chakras before attempting work on the crown chakra. Awakening the crown chakra before all the other chakras have been worked can lead to depression, confusion, and a loss of reality. The crown chakra should always be opened gently.


The crown chakra begins to develop during the age of 7 or 8.

Traumas during childhood will cause the seventh chakra to become weak. The seventh chakra begins to develop at the age of seven and eight and can continue development through out the teens. What happens to you at the age of seven and eight determines how trustful you will be in your life as an adult.

At the age of 8, children begin to live their lives by other people’s standards. Their beliefs don’t seem to matter anymore as parents, teachers, and society tell them what to do. With all the information coming to them by authority figures they begin to forget their true nature, how they truly feel about things and what thoughts they have. Their thoughts and feelings and therefore their beliefs are dictated by somewhere outside themselves and if not aware of this, can remain there for a lifetime.

Any trauma at this age will reflect issues with forgiveness. Feeling accepted, being in denial, issues with truth, deception and doubt.

Emotional traumas at this age will play out as blocked emotions later in life. As an adult, you may forget the initial incident that caused your problem but once you allow yourself to feel the emotion, memories of the event come out and relive themselves.

Growing up, how did your parents feel about you? If they rejected you or didn’t want you around, you will tend to attract people who reject you in adulthood, you may get blamed for things you didn’t do or find it difficult to have friends, as there is always conflict.

If they accepted you as you are, you would have no problem accepting yourself or being tolerant of others as an adult.

The age of 7 or 8 is where many of our fear thoughts begin.

Are you aware of most of your fear thoughts?

Do you find yourself thinking of one particular subject more than others?

Ask yourself why and try to discover what event in your life caused these thoughts.

What do you fear?

Having fearful thoughts means there is an unresolved issue with this fear. Focus on this thought till you begin to realize where it began.

For instance, if you are afraid of the water, allow yourself to feel the fear and try to go back in time and figure out why you fear water. You may have to go into a past life to resolve this issue.

Did someone throw you in a pool before you knew how to swim?

Did you know someone who drowned?

Find out the root of the fear and realize that was in the past and this is now. Let the fear go. Many times, simply becoming aware of when the fear was rooted, will help you resolve the issue for good.

Can you honestly say you like yourself?

If there are some areas of your life you do not like, write them all down and try to relate them to something in your past so you can clear them.

Are you hard on yourself?

Do you have a hard time forgiving yourself or others?

There is much talk about forgiveness of self and others in every spiritual community and religion. Everyone needs to forgive someone and many need to forgive themselves. Realize we are not perfect. We do make mistakes at times and we are still learning how to live in peace. Don’t be so hard on yourself or others.

Remember the saying “ Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle.”

The reason life is not easy is because we have forgotten who we are. We feel separate from others and the Divine. We still see life through the ego because we have learned how to do that.  It is not our fault.  However, it is our responsibility to take control of our lives and know that if we choose to see things differently, we can have a really happy life.

It takes a shift in perception. This is all. When you come to realize that we are here to learn lessons and help and heal others, we don’t look at what people have done to us as being so bad. Rather, it is a fear in them that has caused them to act in a way that is not love, and it becomes easy to forgive when one realizes the core of this bad act was simply they didn’t know any better.

You must see others as having the same substance as you. We are all made up of the same chemicals, we all share the reality that we are part of the whole universe, the plants, animals, sky and the stars. Once we can truly see this, we learn to love others unconditionally despite their faults. We become at peace with ourselves and the world.

If you need to forgive someone, think back to what they did to you, allow yourself time to really feel the emotion of pain, hurt, and betrayal. Form this energy you are now focusing on intently into a balloon that is floating right in front of you. You can imagine this energy as a color or an object if you like. For our purposes here, we will describe this negative energy as a cloud of muddy colors such as red, brown or gray. Will this energy to come out of every pore of your body, oozing out and away from your body as if the balloon is a powerful magnet, pulling it away from you. Now the balloon is filled with this dark energy. You may need to imagine two or three balloons, or even picture the balloon the size they use for balloon rides. When you feel all this frustrated energy is all released from your body and into the balloon, will the balloon to float away. You watch as the balloon ascends into the sky, carrying with it all your pent up emotions from the past. The balloon floats further and further away from you and you watch as it becomes smaller and smaller until you are no longer able to see it. You know that it is in outer space and will continue to rise until it finds the brilliant white light of the infinite intelligence. Once it floats to the light, all that it carries gets burned to ashes and transforms into pure crystallized light.

You can also write down all your feelings toward the person you need to forgive, and burn them in a fire, watching them turn to ash to be no more.

The more you can release the ego identity, the more positive energy you can absorb.

Ask yourself? Who are you beyond your ego? Beyond your job, your looks, your nationality, who are you really?

Healing the Seventh Chakra


  • I listen to my inner voice
  • I trust my intuition
  • I am open to my higher self
  • I express my creativity
  • I am love
  • I am beautiful
  • I am at one with all of life
  • I open myself up to my higher self
  • I am one with the forces of life
  • I am at peace
  • I connect to the highest, clearest vibration in the universe
  • I release my limited view of myself and attune to the oneness of all life.
  • I release all judgments of others

Recommended crystals to heal your crown chakra include:

Amethyst, Cedarwood, Celestite, Clear Quartz, Clear Topaz, Danburite , Diamond, Frankincense, Jasmine, Lavender, Myrrh, Neroli, Rock Crystal, Rose, Rosewood, Rutilated Quartz, Sandalwood, Selenite

Place the crystal directly on top of the chakra (either on top of your head or a few inches from the top) while you lie down and relax, allowing the chakra to absorb the healing vibrations of the crystal.

Aromatherapy: You can use aromatherapy oils to help balance your chakras. For the seventh chakra choose any of the following:

Angelica, Bois De Rose, Benzoin,  Frankincense, Lotus, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Spruce, Lavenders, Spikenard, Rose, Ravensara, Basil and Rosemary.

You can place the oil on or near the chakra or inhale the oil while you focus on the seventh chakra with the intent to heal it.

Note: If you know you have symptoms of an over stimulated seventh chakra, imagine the color yellow in place of the violet color during the meditation we are going to do below.

Yellow will have a balancing effect on you.

We will schedule a healing on the seventh chakra for May 28th, Saturday between 10:30 A. M. and 1 P.M EST.

All I ask of you is to take 20 minutes of your time to relax in a comfortable setting of your choice. Make sure you will not be disturbed. If you have any of the crystals or aromatherapy oils mentioned above, use them during the session to assist in the clearing. I will be sending healing energy directly into the chakra, clearing any debris that might have accumulated over time. I will ask your angels and guides to assist in the clearing as well as my own.

How I clear the seventh chakra: I bring myself into a meditative state, and then I first clear my own energy field with white light. Next, I will read off the names of those who would like a healing and ask my guides and angels to come and assist me. If there is a picture of you online or you would like to send me one, I will gaze at it to help me connect with your energy.

Since the crown chakra color is violet or white, I will call on the angelic realm of the highest vibrations to heal this chakra. Imagine you are sitting outside in a comfortable position. The night sky is filled with the brightest stars, the moon is full and glowing brightly, lighting up the sky and the entire landscape of fields and trees below it. You notice a star glowing brighter than the others but it seems so far away. It begins to move closer and as it does you notice it looks like a huge white ball of pulsating energy. It is clear and pure crystallized energy of the highest vibration. It is far in the sky, yet you feel its heat radiating down on you.

This is angelic energy and it slowly floats down toward you and spreads out filling up your entire energy field with white light. Your energy field is now pulsating and glowing with the purest of energies. Now notice how the white light forms back into a ball and moves toward the top of your head. It begins to fill your crown chakra up with its vibrant energy. Feel it glowing and pulsating as its heat begins to clear out any cloudy dark debris, all the pent up emotions that are trapped there, all the stored pain and emotional baggage. Let it take the confusion, depression, and past hurts with it. Watch as the white ball of energy turns a darker color and whirlwinds up into the sky, taking all the pain with it, far away, higher and higher till you can’t see it any longer. The wind takes it where there is pure white light and it transforms it into the positive healing energy of love.

Take a few deep breaths during this process and imagine an empty space where the pain used to be.

Once I feel the energy is clear, I ask the angels and guides to create another ball of white light in the sky. This crystallized glowing ball of energy floats down from the sky. It swirls joyfully through the sky as it pulsates with white and violet light of the highest vibration about a foot from the top of your head. This light glows increasingly brighter as it fills up with pure white light and love from the power of the universe. This light begins to fill your chakra, glowing brighter and brighter. You see bright, vibrant, white and violet colors flowing into your crown chakra glowing and pulsating. This is pure crystallized light and I ask it to remain there for as long as the person wants it.

*You can imagine this as well during the healing.

Remember, if you are not available for the healing at that particular time, just make the statement below whenever you are ready to receive the healing:

“I am now ready and open to receive this chakra healing from Linda Capobianco.”

And lie down to receive it. Breathe in and out, allowing the healing to take place. Feel yourself connected to everyone. You feel healthy and strong. You feel alive and joyful. You are now connected to your higher self and can hear the inner voice of wisdom that is there to guide and protect you through out your life and always. Join the healing. Allow fresh, pure energies to flow through you now and always!

Keep a look out for the seventh chakra update for more ways to clear this chakra and understand further how to release judgments of others.

Blessings and love to all,

Linda Capobianco